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Article: Professional Features

The professional edition provides the greatest amount of time saving control and capability for managing creative.

Listed below is the listed feature set for the Professional edition.

  • ListView - Provides a comprehensive management view of your active Urgency
  • HitTracker - For all active Urgency, review your current hit tracker totals.
  • Edit Features
  • Edit Urgency - Change a published Urgency, adjust properties, placement or targeting.
  • Quicksave - In edit, gain the ability to quicksave an entry. For example, if you don't want to change the display targeting but just a color.
  • Clone - If you're looking to quickly duplicate an Urgency, this has you covered.
  • Restriciton lifts - No restriction on active Urgency. The lower editions each have restrictions on the number of active displays and Urgency that you can have at any one time. We completely lift that restriction in the professional edition.

Why go pro other than those features?

You help support the development, which means we can bring you even more creative to empower your store to be successful. Help us help you.

How do I upgrade from my current edition to professional?

Click the button that says "upgrade edition" in your navbar. You'll find that link in the upper left of your management screen.