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Article: Urgency and the ElementId

This field is available for advanced control during the Urgency creation process permits you to target the specific elementId in your specific shopify theme template. The Urgency application allows you to target one specific, popular elementId. In addition, the Urgency application provides a mechanism for precise control with the use of what is the “UrgencyPlacementId” that your store’s liquid development expert can add to have even greater control.

Listed below are the six placement tags supported today. Depending on the theme that your store uses, you will experience different placement results. It’s best to experiment with these to find the placement option that works best for you.

  • MainContent
  • shopify-section-sidebar
  • shopify-section-footer
  • shopify-section-header
  • shopify-section-product-template
  • UrgencyPlacementId