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Article: Upgrade, Downgrade and Cancellations

We totally understand that the economy is dynamic and you'll be faced with figuring out how to save money during your slow months. That's why we support cancellation of the recurring fees to allow you to come back at any time.

What happens in the cancellation process?

  • All active Urgency is archived until your subscription is renewed.
  • You'll be able to re-use the Urgency application when your subscription is renewed.

How do I downgrade (or upgrade!) my existing subscription or trial?

Click on the navigation bar that indicates your current edition level. From there, you will be navigated to a page that lists your edition history as well as your current edition. Click "change edition" to upgrade or downgrade your current edition.

What happens to my active Urgency in a downgrade?

All active urgency in a downgrade situation will be automatically archived.

What happens to my active Urgency in an upgrade?

All active urgency is retained in an upgrade.